Christine Hecker | Executive Ministries Pastor

Christine Hecker | Executive Ministries Pastor


Hometown: Long Island, New York

Family members? Husband Marc & 5 beautiful kids - Jessica, Lauren, Morgan, Ashley & Quade

Favorite spot in San Diego: Top of Bernardo Mountain

In my free time I enjoy: Hiking; chillin' with my family; cooking & trying new foods/restaurants; long drives on beautiful days and discovering hidden treasures; downtime with my hubby; reading & writing; the gym & yoga; COFFEE!!!

Celebrity lookalike? I'm one of a kind, but have been told my personality reminds people of Sandra Bullock ("Under no circumstance are you allowed to take off your  blindfold") and I was told on a recent trip to NY that I look like LeAnn Rimes and 'I must hear that a lot' - I've never heard that before in my life, but I'd love to look even a little like her

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for? Darts & Cornhole

What’s your coffee order: Tall light ice coffee with 2 pumps of classic & light half & half

Beach or mountains? Yes please!  But more often the mountains as of late

Best movie of all time is: Lord of the Rings - I've watched the series a hundred times and it never gets old!

Song that you can’t help but sing along to: "We are the Champions" & "Reckless Love" - how's that for a contrast?

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