Ethan Rounds | Worship Leader

Ethan Rounds | Worship Leader


-Hometown: Florida

 -Family? A wonderful wife, Sabrina, my dog-Louie.

 -Fav spot in San Diego: Leucadia-good coffee and sweet spots. That or Dark Horse Coffee Roasters- a true personal classic.

 -In my free time I enjoy…getting coffee with friends, fixing old 70's keyboards, going out with my wife and pup, and going to dog beach.

 -Celebrity look alike? I get Seth Rogen a lot, but I don't super dig that. I can mimic his laugh pretty well, though. 

 -If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for? Would have to be finding vintage music gear at insane prices. I am the vintage bargain king. Ask any of my pals.

 -What’s your coffee order? That classic Ethiopian origin pour over. True bliss if found in this cup of Joe. 

-Beach vs Mountains: I LOVE going to the beach-but after living on the coast my whole life, there's something special about the mountains. Gotta say-mountains are more picturesque. But then again, someone from Montana might say the opposite. 

-Best movie of all time is…oof. I honestly don't know. The one movie I probably watch a couple times every year is maybe just by per capita watch, it would have to be that movie. But I'm also a major sucker for Rom Coms. You've Got Mail is always a classic.

 -Song that you can’t help but sing along to…Probably Beyond by Leon Bridges. The grooves. The vocals. The good vibes. You just can't not sing along to the end of the song. Too good.

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