Harry Kuehl | Pastor Emeritus

Harry Kuehl | Pastor Emeritus


Contact Harry: julie@thechurchrb.org

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Family Members: Candace (wife of 42 years), Sarah (daughter), Nate ( son in law), Roux ( 4 yr old granddaughter), Shiloh (2 yr old granddaughter), Tyler (son), Amy (daughter in law), Fisher (unborn grandson due in August), Walter (2 yr old yellow lab granddog).

Favorite Spot in San Diego: Cliffs overlooking Carlsbad beach where Candace and I breakfast 2-3 days a week

In my spare time I enjoy… driving my '69 Camaro and riding my Harley Davidson with friends.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for? An Olympic sport is Go-Cart riding! Nobody has ever beat me riding a Go-Cart! I am the Mario Andretti of Go-Carts!

What’s your coffee order?: Starbucks Latte with nonfat milk

Beach or Mountains? BOTH!...on the same day! Swim in the morning/Ski in the afternoon

Best movie of all time is... Cmon! Forrest Gump!

Song I can't help but sing along to… "Sweet Caroline!" by Neil Diamond

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